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Introduction IrisRO Private Server

IrisRO is a PvP-Based Private Server. With No Leveling required. It was created by [GM] Bug/Slave to bring back all old RO lovers to enjoy PVP & WoE without any sweat and pain. All basic eqs and mvp cards are provided & not all equiptments are free, There are some Quest for uncommon custom items and pets. Like we said, No pain No gain! We also prepare farming zone for players to hunt for zeny and special coins to purchase custom gears. So why wait?! Join Us Now for some Rumble Wars!

EVENTS      17.23,2014 Let the WOE Begins!

Hi All Players~ To those that unable to access to Facebook Page [IrisRO] , I'll update you right here!     We'll be hosting small WOE Event this Sunday !!   Date : 24th August 2014 Time : 9.00pm ~ 10.00pm [ GMT+8 ] Winner Reward : 1e...

UPDATE      3.26,2014 26-8-2014 : Host Changes.

Updates on 26th August 2014 : We've changed host. Those unable login please re-extract your IrisRO [Lite Client] File into your KRO [Full Client] Folder, Search for IrisRO Ragnarok.Exe, Double-Click on IrisRO Ragnarok [Patcher] And Update. Then try r...

Britain Kills: 559
Night Raid Agit: 4
[GM] Bbie Agit: 100
Night Raid
Agit Points: 4
Agit Points: 3
Agit Points: 2
Agit Points: 2
Agit Points: 0
Kills: 559
Kills: 301
Kills: 266
Leonard Hofstadter
Kills: 241
Kills: 222

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We all are love Ragnarok Online,Let make it like a FAMILY !!!